Toronto School for Strings and Piano

The Toronto School for Strings and Piano (TSSP) was founded in 1999, by Julian and Mary Fisher, to provide their students with a positive and stimulating learning experience.

The Mission of the Toronto School for Strings and Piano is to create an environment where the love of music and musical ability is developed through instruction, performances and group activities.

The TSSP is a supportive community that celebrates the musical accomplishments of all it’s members and seeks to perpetuate the value of musical education for families and individuals.

Our faculty of highly qualified and experienced teachers incorporate the best of the world-renowned Suzuki Philosophy, the rigour of the nationally recognized Royal Conservatory of Music Examination system and other approaches tailored to the needs of individual students. Our teachers include accredited adjudicators and performers active in the musical life of Toronto.

We emphasize the quality of the learning environment and foster artistic growth among all our students, who range in age from young children to senior citizens. Instruments taught include violin, viola, cello, bass, piano, guitar, ukulele and electric bass. We encourage our students to take advantage of enriching opportunities such as rehearsing with a professional accompanist or playing with small ensembles or orchestra. We offer a fun and creative approach to theory in private lessons or small groups. We also encourage the implementation of music technology. The core of our instruction is classical by nature, but we also include jazz and improvisation.

News and Announcements

We are coping with the Coronavirus situation by doing remote lessons

For the time being, we will be conducting remote lessons with students by using FaceTime, Skype, or Zoom.

On-site lessons are not available at this time.

We are encouraging all students to maintain their lessons and practising during this time. You can keep your current lesson day/time, and we can carry on with the lessons. If you haven’t done this sort of thing before, we can help you through the process.

You can use a computer or tablet to do this. If you are using a tablet, you may need to position the device so that your teacher can see you at the proper angle.

“How great that you can offer this remote option for a lesson in these crazy times! Caleb really enjoyed his FaceTime lesson with Mary”.

Our son Guilherme has been taking both violin and piano online lessons with TSSP teachers (Mr. Julian Fisher and Ms. Susan Dennis, respectively) on a weekly basis since March 2018, when we came back to our country after having lived for two years in Toronto.

We feel privileged to have such dedicated teachers who accumulated a robust experience in using technology to teach students remotely, and we can confidently and  enthusiastically recommend this form of teaching at difficult times such as the one we are facing now. In fact, since we are also experiencing a lockdown period in our own country, we recently decided to increase the number of music lessons our son will have with his TSSP teachers over the next weeks. 

It is really simple to set up an online lesson, the teachers have been always available to fully support us with their experience, and the results are excellent. It is really worth a try!

Fabiola Castro (São Paulo, Brazil)

Summer Theory/History Courses

Easy as A-B-C

The Toronto School for Strings and Piano is very pleased to offer a Summer Session of Theory and History Courses leading to the official Royal Conservatory exams on August 7th and 8th.

The instructor for the courses is Dr. Tom Green, Chief Examiner for The Royal Conservatory. Dr. Green has taught these courses for many years with great success. 
Each course generally consists of three 90 minute classes per week over a six-week period. Classes will meet each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday except for July 1.

 The start date is Tuesday, June 30th.

Courses Offered:
Level 8 Theory
Students must have completed Level 7 Royal Conservatory Theory or equivalent
Level 9 History
Students must be age 12 or older
6:15- 7:45 PM
Level 9 Harmony 
Students must have completed Level 8 Theory.
7:45-9:15 PM

Summer Music and Arts Day Camp

A great time with lots of learning, creativity, fun and friendship was had by all at the TSS Summer Music and Arts Day Camp. With, Art, Rhythm, violin and cello classes, Orchestra, Music Literacy, Chamber Music, Fiddle Jam, Choir and Dance, the day was packed with activity.

Our Camp is designed for children age 4-12 and offers a multi-faceted and enriched program.

A typical week includes art, Orff and rhythm class, instrumental classes (violin, viola, cello, piano, and guitar), dance, choir, orchestra, chamber music, music literacy and fiddling.

Teaching Staff are experts in their field with many years of training and experience.

Your children will have a memorable, happy experience filled with learning and creativity!

Beginners and students new to music lessons are welcome!
Suzuki and traditionally trained students are welcome!
Teenagers can apply for a volunteer position for High School Community Service hours!

Turn those lazy, hazy days of summer into creative inspiration, and give your child a head start for the coming year!

**** 2016 application available soon… ****

Click here to register!

Feedback from the past years:

Maya really enjoyed the summer camp. It's too bad we had to leave early, she loved it. She really enjoyed spending time with Una in particular.

Claire Ward. Maya Granic's mother

Thank you for the great opportunity to teach along side such great educators as yourselves.

Melisa Fauceglia, beloved Art teacher

Whatever you are charging for this, it's not enough. The concert was really impressive.

Neil Abbott, parent


Chantale Lalonde

I had to drag them away at the end of the day. They didn't want to go home.

Judy Blumstock, parent

Thank you again for the lovely two weeks.

Lois Lewis, beloved Orff and Rhythm teacher

Thanks again for the effort of organizing this camp. This is still her number one favourite from the other 4 camps! Isabella enjoyed everything she learned from the camp. She likes to pick few of her favourite pieces and performs them joyfully when she needs a break from her daily practice!

Nita C.

What a wonderful camp! We are so grateful.


The kids had a great time! They especially enjoyed time with their musical friends. When I saw their schedule I thought they would be exhausted by the end of the day, but they seemed to come home with lots of energy and enthusiasm.

Sonya E.

Thanks so much for the rocking camp. Both Sara and Michaila are very keen on their guitars now. We appreciate the effort, energy and inspiration. Very cool camp and a summer highlight to be sure :) Thanks to all the teachers and helpers for all of their hard work. Looking forward to next year already.

Harmoniously, Marnie and Michaila

Thanks again. The kids had a wonderful week at your camp. You obviously all put a lot of effort and time and energy into making it such a positive experience!

Christine Sloss

TSSP Early Childhood Program

TSSP is excited to launch a Program for Young Children age Newborn to 3 years.

Participants learn songs and develop rhythmic and melodic awareness while playing musical games and activities.

Time: 10:30 AM on Tuesdays.

Contact: Toronto School for Strings and Piano,

Courses offered at TSSP in 2019-20

TSSP is thrilled to be offering a Comprehensive Theory Program starting with Levels 1-5 (Grade 1-5 Practical), including musicianship with Susan Hamblin Dennis.

Class is scheduled on Thursdays from 6:30-7:30 PM. Class is filling up quickly.

Dr. Tom Green, Chief Examiner for RCM Exams will be teaching Level 6/7 Theory and Level 8, as well as Level 9 History or Harmony.
Dr. Green may be available for one or two individual lessons also.
Classes are Wednesday between 7 and 9:30 PM.
Dr. Green has many decades of experience teaching all levels of Theory and History. We are so honoured to have him teach at TSSP.

All Theory Courses are open to students not registered at TSSP for Private lessons.

Suzuki Violin and Cello Group Classes are an essential component of the Suzuki Method. Students studying with teachers outside TSSP are welcome to join.

Violin classes are on Thursdays at Deer Park Public School, 23 Ferndale Avenue between 5 and 6:30.

Cello class scheduled to be confirmed shortly.

Cello group concert

The Group Class focuses on technique, review of repertoire and prepares young players for playing together in ensembles and feel the camaraderie of a group.

Early Childhood Music Class 

Tuesday mornings, 10:30 AM. Newborn to Age 3

Introduces concepts of melody, rhythm, singing, and movement in preparation for taking formal instruction. A great way to make friends with other parents.

Instructor Eslin McKay

Violin beginner group

Junior Orchestra

An Introductory reading ensemble for string players ages 8-12. Bi-weekly at Deer Park Public School, Thursdays 6-6:45.

Instructor Julian Fisher

Junior orchestra

Chamber Music

An excellent way to interact with peers and have a great time polishing pieces for performance. Ensembles include Piano Trios, String Quartets, Piano Ensembles, String duos. etc. Open to young people and adults Groups coached by a TSSP Faculty member. Scheduling flexible.

Chamber music
Piano ensemble

Monthly Celtic Fiddle Jam 

Enjoy playing through fiddle repertoire with like-minded players.

Instructor Jennifer Melvin

Class on weekend evenings. TBA

Monthly Cello Jam

A fun get-together for adult cellists.

Toronto School for Strings Orchestra

This group rehearses weekly. No audition required. Intermediate/ Grade 3 minimum level.

Repertoire includes original scores, arrangements of symphonic works and some popular music.

Thursday 7:45-9:30, Deer Park Public School.

TSSO orchestra

Viola Ensemble

Let’s not forget the viola. Intermediate level.


Parent Education Seminar

An inspiring and motivational talk by Clayton Scott, esteemed piano teacher, music educator, and RCM Theory Examiner. With many decades of experience working with children and teens, Clayton has helped them to love music and want to continue learning. 

Saturday, October 26

Working through challenging times in our children’s musical journey. An opportunity to share ideas and experiences. Led by Dr. Debra Stein, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist at Sick Kids Hospital. 


The Arts Access Fund

ARTS Access Fund logo

Toronto School for Strings and Piano is proud to be partners with Arts Access Fund, a charitable organization dedicated to providing high-quality arts training to young people, who would otherwise not have the opportunity to pursue.

The Arts Access Fund was established to open doors for children, youth, and teens, who have the passion, but not the means, to develop their artistic talent. Programs are offered in visual art, drama, music, dance, and filmmaking at more than ten high-quality arts training institutions in Toronto.

Please visit the ARTS Access Fund website:


TSSP Gift Card


The Toronto School for String and Piano Gift Certificates are available upon request.

A great way to re-kindle the love of music or start up the New Year.

Whether it is providing the opportunity to try lessons for the first time, try a new instrument, or providing some additional lessons for exceptionally keen student, this would be a truly meaningful gift.

What makes the Toronto School for Strings and Piano special…

The teachers at TSS have an unusual breadth and depth of experience. Some are young people flush with the excitement of launching their careers, others are parents themselves, and understand the joys and stresses of being involved in their child’s musical education firsthand. Still others have nurtured and supported their students with caring, a sense of humour and inspiring playing. At TSS, we believe in taking the long view, that while there may be ups and downs, both the journey and the goals achieved along the way are totally worthwhile. Character traits like perseverance, patience and self-discipline last a lifetime.

At TSS/P we are very happy to report an exceptionally low turnover rate. Students tend to stay and develop their skills through the teen years and beyond, even coming back with their own children! We are developing more and more programs for students of all ages to join that will develop their performance skills, creativity and sense of camaraderie. Many TSS students take on leadership roles in their school music programs or audition successfully for select Regional Youth Orchestras.

Whether you are an adult, or a parent with young children or teenagers, we want to help you experience all that music has to offer!

Six Reasons why your child should learn music

  • For the shy child, it is self-expression
  • For the awkward child, it is co-ordination
  • For the impulsive child, it is a way to channel energy into constructive accomplishment
  • For the easily distracted child, it is concentration
  • For the uncertain child, it is poise and self-confidence
  • For the child who gives up easily, it is perseverance.

Music is for growth!

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