Toronto School for Strings and Piano

The Toronto School for Strings and Piano (TSSP) was founded in 1999, by Julian and Mary Fisher, to provide their students with a positive and stimulating learning experience.

The Mission of the Toronto School for Strings and Piano is to create an environment where the love of music and musical ability is developed through instruction, performances and group activities.

The TSSP is a supportive community that celebrates the musical accomplishments of all it’s members and seeks to perpetuate the value of musical education for families and individuals.

Our faculty of highly qualified and experienced teachers incorporate the best of the world-renowned Suzuki Philosophy, the rigour of the nationally recognized Royal Conservatory of Music Examination system and other approaches tailored to the needs of individual students. Our teachers include accredited adjudicators and performers active in the musical life of Toronto.

We emphasize the quality of the learning environment and foster artistic growth among all our students, who range in age from young children to senior citizens. Instruments taught include violin, viola, cello, bass, piano, guitar, ukulele and electric bass. We encourage our students to take advantage of enriching opportunities such as rehearsing with a professional accompanist or playing with small ensembles or orchestra. We offer a fun and creative approach to theory in private lessons or small groups. We also encourage the implementation of music technology. The core of our instruction is classical by nature, but we also include jazz and improvisation.

News and Announcements

The Toronto School for Strings and Piano is seeking to hire a Piano Teacher

  • Minimum requirements: ARCT. Bachelor or Masters Degree preferred.
  • Experience and Pedagogical training essential.
  • Students are a variety of ages and ability.

The position would start with Sunday afternoons, 2-6 pm and may grow from there.

The Fall Update

TSSP Fall Update

A warm welcome this Fall to all returning and new students at the Toronto School for Strings and Piano.

This past year the Toronto School for Strings Adult Orchestra resumed rehearsals, the Junior Orchestra was launched and Theory classes were held in person and online.

We hope to restart Early Childhood Music Classes (infants to age 3). Many TSSP students participated in Music Festivals and RCM exams with very successful results. In person recitals also resumed.

We celebrated the end of the school year with our first Banquet and Awards Ceremony since 2019.

TSSP Collage 2023

We are still accepting students for the coming year, however spaces are filling up quickly.
Contact us at 416-968-0303, or fill out the online registration form.

Toronto School for Strings Adult Orchestra

Rehearsals: Thursday evening 7:15-8:45 in gym at TSSP.
New members welcome. No audition required.

Junior Orchestra

This group experience for violinists, violists, and cellists is a great introduction to ensemble playing.
Saturday 4:15-5PM at TSSP

Theory Classes

We encourage all students to consider Theory Classes. The instructor, Susan Hamblin Dennis is extremely skilled and experienced. Classes are well structured and enjoyable. 

Friday: Level 5-6 — 5-6PM
Saturday: Levels 1-4 — 3-4 PM

Saturday: Adult Theory Class — 1:30-2:30 PM

All students need theory and ear training as part of their study.

Ear training and the ability to sight read music are essential aspects of well-rounded musicianship. These skills form the foundation for how we hear, play, or sing music. This is why The Royal Conservatory includes ear training tests with every examination.

The RCM Online Ear Training tool will help you improve your practical ear training skills. It can be used in conjunction with the Four Star® Sight Reading and Ear Tests books to provide you with outstanding preparation for examinations.

The online tool includes activities with feedback and hints to help you succeed in developing your aural skills. It also includes acoustic musical examples for a high-quality listening experience and an onscreen keyboard for additional support.

Now you can practice your ear training through an engaging, interactive, multimedia approach anytime and anywhere you have an Internet connection.

All levels of the RCM Online Ear Training tool (Preparatory A and B to Level 10) are available through a monthly subscription. If you have an access code, it can redeemed for 6 months of free access. The code can be used twice. 

TSSP Early Childhood Program

Early Childhood Classes will start subject to sufficient registration. Tell your friends!

TSSP is excited to launch a Program for Young Children age Newborn to 3 years.

Participants learn songs and develop rhythmic and melodic awareness while playing musical games and activities.

Welcome to the TSSP Store!

We are happy to stock items for music students in our school, and also for students outside of our school.
We keep a limited inventory on-hand, and can always order just in time for our next visit to the music store.

Please visit the Toronto School for Strings and Piano Music Store.

We emphasize the quality of the learning environment and foster artistic growth among all our students, who range in age from young children to senior citizens.

Adults are especially welcome!

The TSS Orchestra is back!

We held our first rehearsal in the gym at Yorkminster Park Baptist Church.
A very diverse, enthusiastic, welcoming group of players.
Rehearsals are held weekly on Thursdays, 7:15 pm to 8:45 pm.
Intermediate difficulty, no audition required.

The Arts Access Fund

ARTS Access Fund logo

Toronto School for Strings and Piano is proud to be partners with Arts Access Fund, a charitable organization dedicated to providing high-quality arts training to young people, who would otherwise not have the opportunity to pursue.

The Arts Access Fund was established to open doors for children, youth, and teens, who have the passion, but not the means, to develop their artistic talent. Programs are offered in visual art, drama, music, dance, and filmmaking at more than ten high-quality arts training institutions in Toronto.

Please visit the ARTS Access Fund website:


TSSP Gift Card


The Toronto School for String and Piano Gift Certificates are available upon request.

A great way to re-kindle the love of music or start up the New Year.

Whether it is providing the opportunity to try lessons for the first time, try a new instrument, or providing some additional lessons for exceptionally keen student, this would be a truly meaningful gift.

What makes the Toronto School for Strings and Piano special…

The teachers at TSS have an unusual breadth and depth of experience. Some are young people flush with the excitement of launching their careers, others are parents themselves, and understand the joys and stresses of being involved in their child’s musical education firsthand. Still others have nurtured and supported their students with caring, a sense of humour and inspiring playing. At TSS, we believe in taking the long view, that while there may be ups and downs, both the journey and the goals achieved along the way are totally worthwhile. Character traits like perseverance, patience and self-discipline last a lifetime.

At TSS/P we are very happy to report an exceptionally low turnover rate. Students tend to stay and develop their skills through the teen years and beyond, even coming back with their own children! We are developing more and more programs for students of all ages to join that will develop their performance skills, creativity and sense of camaraderie. Many TSS students take on leadership roles in their school music programs or audition successfully for select Regional Youth Orchestras.

Whether you are an adult, or a parent with young children or teenagers, we want to help you experience all that music has to offer!

Six Reasons why your child should learn music

  • For the shy child, it is self-expression
  • For the awkward child, it is co-ordination
  • For the impulsive child, it is a way to channel energy into constructive accomplishment
  • For the easily distracted child, it is concentration
  • For the uncertain child, it is poise and self-confidence
  • For the child who gives up easily, it is perseverance.

Music is for growth!

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