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At our school, we understand the challenges that music students face when it comes to acquiring essential items like sheet music, music stands, metronomes, strings, and other accessories. That’s why we have made it a priority to meet the needs of our students by keeping these items in stock and offering convenient purchasing options.

Ever since the COVID pandemic, we have received numerous requests from students, both within and outside our school, seeking these essential music supplies. Recognizing the importance of having these items readily available, we have decided to keep a range of products in stock at our school’s office. This means that students no longer have to rely on overburdened parents or endure delays in obtaining the necessary equipment.

We understand that convenience is key, which is why we have taken the initiative to stock these items in our school’s office. Our students can easily access them during our office hours without having to wait for the music stores to open or deal with limited store hours. Moreover, our school’s location right on the Yonge St. Subway line makes it incredibly convenient for students to visit us and purchase the items they need.

Whether you are a student enrolled in our music school or studying elsewhere, we are delighted to assist you. We have a limited inventory of these essential items available in our office. However, in the event that we don’t have what you need in stock, don’t worry! We can always place an order for you, ensuring that the items are ready for you to pick up during your next visit to our school.

Our commitment to supporting music education extends beyond providing exceptional instruction. We believe that having access to the right tools is crucial for students to excel in their musical journey. By offering a selection of sheet music, music stands, metronomes, strings, and other accessories, we aim to make the process of acquiring these items as seamless as possible for our students.

Please note that our website is not an actual online store where you can make direct purchases. Instead, we invite you to visit our school’s office during our operating hours to explore the range of products we have available. Whether you’re a pianist, guitarist, violinist, or any other kind of musician, we have the supplies you need to enhance your musical experience.

If you have any specific requests or inquiries regarding our inventory or purchasing process, feel free to reach out to our friendly staff, who will be more than happy to assist you. At our music school, we strive to provide a comprehensive learning experience, and that includes ensuring that our students have access to the tools they require.

Visit us today and discover a convenient and reliable source for all your music-related needs. We look forward to serving you in our school’s office!

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