How much do your lessons cost?

We offer lessons from very highly qualified teachers at three levels of experience, qualification and price: Associate, Artist, Maestro. Listed below is a brief description of each level.

Private lessons start at $42.50 per half hour, $63.75, and $85.00 per hour.

Associate teachers are fully qualified music teachers with a University degree and are active performers in the musical community.

Artist teachers have the qualifications of the Associate teachers, plus graduate level work and additional experience. Includes prominent performers and/or Royal Conservatory Examiners.

Maestro is an Artist with additional experience. A very well-established musician in the greater community.

Mr. Fisher
Mr. Fisher is our Principal and CEO.

Whatever your need or experience, we will provide you with the right teacher. Please call us to discuss the most appropriate teacher for your or your child’s musical development.

There is a $40.00 annual registration fee for individuals, to help offset administrative costs.

For families with two or more members taking lessons with us, the registration fee is $60. Individuals taking more than one instrument are only charged the one individual fee.

For new students, there is an initial enrollment fee of $75.00.

?Please read the TSSP Attendance Policy.


How to pay for lessons

Pre-authorized Credit Card Payments

1. Please download the Pre-authorized Payments Application (Adobe Reader PDF format).

2. Fill in the form, save the PDF file and email it to info@torontoschoolforstrings.com.

Paying by email money transfer

If you would prefer to send a payment via INTERAC email, and you do online banking, check with the instructions on your bank’s page.

As an example for RBC, you log in and go to Pay Bills and Transfer Funds. Then, in the “TO” part of Transfer Funds, select INTERAC e-transfer. Then, select the amount of money to pay.

You may have to name an answer to a security question, that you can set, such as, what is your teacher’s first name?

URL: /tssp/fees/