Benjamin Zander

Benjamin Zander is the co-author of The Art of Possibility, a best-selling book on music, business and life.

In addition to his conducting and teaching activities, Benjamin Zander is the co-author of The Art of Possibility, a best-selling book on music, business, and life. It has been an inspiration to many, especially for those in the music education field.

The Art of Possibility offers a set of breakthrough practices for creativity in all human enterprises. Infused with the energy of their dynamic partnership, the book joins together Ben’s extraordinary talent as a mover and shaker, teacher, and communicator, with Rosamund Stone Zander’s genius for creating innovative paradigms for personal and professional fulfillment. In lively counterpoint, the authors provide us with a deep sense of the powerful role that the notion of possibility can play in every aspect of our lives.

Attitude: Radiating Possibility

Every Human being is brought into the world Radiating Possibility. The trick is to keep that song going.

Hear the music and ENTER THE DANCE

You know how when you are listening to music you love, or when you are dancing, the worries and apprehensions of the day melt away and you feel part of something larger than yourself?

There is a reason for this. Music touches our emotions and reaches us on a visceral level. It quickens our pace, sets our feet tapping and calls us to dance. Music draws us into a universal experience where we feel connected to all human beings. This is called transformation.

What if there was a way to step into that experience of aliveness and connection on an everyday basis? How powerful it might be to leave behind the anxiety and pressure that are part of the competitive mindset, and connect with others through their dreams and visions! Ben Zander, conductor of the Boston Philharmonic with his partner, executive coach and author Roz Zander, are world-renowned speakers and teachers of the practices of possibility. But why do they attract an exploding global audience?

In our culture of measurement, most people develop habits that hold them back and slow them down. One is the fear that something will go wrong. Another is the voice in the head that says “You will fail.” A third is the assumption that other people aren’t interested in what you have to say- that they are simply not on your team.

A vibrant world of possibility lies beyond these fears, habits, and assumptions. You can step there if you accelerate your pace of interaction, have courage in the face of fear, and enter the dance.

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