Chamber Music

Chamber groups for any experience and any age.

Chamber Music - Junior group

Chamber Music – Junior group

We are very happy to set up chamber groups that are appropriate for the experience and age of the players.
We have a large library, and a central location for coaching / rehearsing.
We offer opportunities for performing.

In response to many inquiries, the Toronto School for Strings and Piano would like to facilitate Chamber Music by providing a high quality matching service, for players and coaches, both for our students and for members of the local community. Chamber Music is both challenging and fun. It is the best way to encounter truly great music. We have an extensive library, along with coaching expertise built over the last 25 years, and we want to put it to use! As a community and as a school we can assist in helping ensembles to be formed and to nurture their progress. Ultimately, we also can provide venues for performances.

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