Contact TSSP

Contact TSSP: address, phone, locations, maps.

Mailing address

Toronto School for Strings and Piano
85 Collier Street
Toronto, Ontario M4W 1M1


(416) 968-0303
All telephone messages will be relayed by email to us to ensure a prompt reply.



Main entrance for lessons with all teachers:

711 Church St., Toronto, ON

Parking suggestions

  • Canadian Tire (free if you make a purchase);
  • Rosedale Valley. Go North of Church St. along Park Road. Take the first left, which is Rosedale Valley Road. Drive 30 metres, and turn right at Rosedale Valley. There are always metered parking spots opposite the Fontainbleau Apartment building. It is a 2 minute walk back to the studio.

Location for Group classes and orchestra:

Deer Park Public School
23 Ferndale Ave., just east of Yonge and St. Clair

Grace Church on-the-Hill location:

URL: /tssp/contact/