Andrea Yau


Andrea Yau is a pianist and educator based in downtown Toronto. She studied Music and Education at the University of Toronto, Piano Performance and Pedagogy at the Royal Conservatory of Music and is a certified Suzuki Piano Book 1 teacher.

Besides teaching at Toronto School for Strings and Piano, Andrea is involved in several other activities: As a graduate student at the University of Ottawa’s Piano Pedagogy Laboratory, she conducts research on various topics related to improving piano teaching and learning. Currently, she is working on a paper that examines the definitions of “ear training” and its various applications in music education. Andrea also serves as secretary to the Central Toronto Branch of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association. When not teaching music, Andrea is an occasional teacher for the Toronto District School Board, where she teaches Math, Writing, and Science. She has particular experience working with elementary school children from vulnerable neighbourhoods who have behavioural or special needs.

Andrea is an avid fan of corny jokes. Her favourite piano joke is: “What’s the difference between a piano and a fish?”. “You can tune a piano but you can’t tuna fish!” Andrea welcomes students to share their favourite jokes and puns with her. She looks forward to working with TSSP families and providing them with an enriching music experience!

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