Summer Music and Arts Day Camp

A great time with lots of learning, creativity, fun and friendship was had by all at the TSS Summer Music and Arts Day Camp. With, Art, Rhythm, violin and cello classes, Orchestra, Music Literacy, Chamber Music, Fiddle Jam, Choir and Dance, the day was packed with activity.

Our Camp is designed for children age 4-12 and offers a multi-faceted and enriched program.

A typical week includes art, Orff and rhythm class, instrumental classes (violin, viola, cello, piano, and guitar), dance, choir, orchestra, chamber music, music literacy and fiddling.

Teaching Staff are experts in their field with many years of training and experience.

Your children will have a memorable, happy experience filled with learning and creativity!

Beginners and students new to music lessons are welcome!
Suzuki and traditionally trained students are welcome!
Teenagers can apply for a volunteer position for High School Community Service hours!

Turn those lazy, hazy days of summer into creative inspiration, and give your child a head start for the coming year!

**** 2016 application available soon… ****

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Feedback from the past years:

Thanks so much for the rocking camp. Both Sara and Michaila are very keen on their guitars now. We appreciate the effort, energy and inspiration. Very cool camp and a summer highlight to be sure :) Thanks to all the teachers and helpers for all of their hard work. Looking forward to next year already.

Harmoniously, Marnie and Michaila

What a wonderful camp! We are so grateful.



Chantale Lalonde

The kids had a great time! They especially enjoyed time with their musical friends. When I saw their schedule I thought they would be exhausted by the end of the day, but they seemed to come home with lots of energy and enthusiasm.

Sonya E.

I had to drag them away at the end of the day. They didn't want to go home.

Judy Blumstock, parent

Thank you for the great opportunity to teach along side such great educators as yourselves.

Melisa Fauceglia, beloved Art teacher

Thanks again for the effort of organizing this camp. This is still her number one favourite from the other 4 camps! Isabella enjoyed everything she learned from the camp. She likes to pick few of her favourite pieces and performs them joyfully when she needs a break from her daily practice!

Nita C.

Maya really enjoyed the summer camp. It's too bad we had to leave early, she loved it. She really enjoyed spending time with Una in particular.

Claire Ward. Maya Granic's mother

Whatever you are charging for this, it's not enough. The concert was really impressive.

Neil Abbott, parent

Thanks again. The kids had a wonderful week at your camp. You obviously all put a lot of effort and time and energy into making it such a positive experience!

Christine Sloss

Thank you again for the lovely two weeks.

Lois Lewis, beloved Orff and Rhythm teacher

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