Congratulations to students who have been performing in the Kiwanis Music Festival, and also those taking Royal Conservatory Online Examinations.

In-person exams are back, please speak to your teacher about taking an exam.

The following students were were invited to participate in the Provincial Finals:

We would encourage you all to start thinking about Theory Classes for the fall of 2022.

Our theory teacher Susan Hamblin-Dennis is an extremely capable and passionate teacher. The classes are very well done via Zoom, and so are extremely convenient.

Please check with us soon about in-person theory, as well.

All students need theory and ear training as part of their study.

Ear training and the ability to sight read music are essential aspects of well-rounded musicianship. These skills form the foundation for how we hear, play, or sing music. This is why The Royal Conservatory includes ear training tests with every examination.

The RCM Online Ear Training tool will help you improve your practical ear training skills. It can be used in conjunction with the Four Star® Sight Reading and Ear Tests books to provide you with outstanding preparation for examinations.

The online tool includes activities with feedback and hints to help you succeed in developing your aural skills. It also includes acoustic musical examples for a high-quality listening experience and an onscreen keyboard for additional support.

Now you can practice your ear training through an engaging, interactive, multimedia approach anytime and anywhere you have an Internet connection.

All levels of the RCM Online Ear Training tool (Preparatory A and B to Level 10) are available through a monthly subscription. If you have an access code, it can redeemed for 6 months of free access. The code can be used twice. 

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